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Plug-ins and Scripts Welcome to the Plug-ins and Scripts page, where we post links to commercial plug-ins and scripts that we recommend. Download the script here. Read more about it in this blog post. Slide Show script: Want to make a self-running slide show? We discuss the uses of this in Podcast Episode 4. This script was written by Gerald Singlemann in his comment he made to a post about Compositing Skills.

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There are instructions at the top. Just change the Unicode number in the script and save it you probably want to save it with a different file name. Preserve Local Formatting : Dave Saunders wrote this cross-platform Javascript that can run through a selection of text or the whole document, if nothing is selected and replace locally-formatted bolds and italics among others with equivalent Character styles.

The script adds the styles to the Character Styles palettes on its own,no need to create them yourself. PerfectPrepText scans through the active story or document looking for local overrides of bold, italic, superscript, etc.

2. Use robust loops in PowerShell

This script relies on the presence of an earlier script, PrepText, at the same level in your Scripts folder. The download link includes both scripts.

Why Windows?

Written by InDesign scripter Haakenlid screen name , you can read the original thread on the Adobe InDesign Scripting forum thread where he posted it here. This wonderful script written by one of our forum friends, Michael Zaichenko , will do the job. Here's the questions - Am I making a mistake assuming that Jscript would be a good choice for me as I would rather work in a C style environment?

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Never touched Visual Basic and not really caring too if I don't have to. I like the C language and know that Java was a simplified C and so assume that Jscript will be too.

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  7. All in one book would be great but I'm not much counting on that. Web development is not a concern of mine at this time if that matters.

    Windows Scripting Secrets

    Any advice before I start spending time and money on SW and books? This may be useful if you later decide that you want to start developing windows apps with VB. Are there any WSH gurus in this forum? Things like regular expressions and text handling were behind - now that stuff works equally well in both.

    It may not be identical, but as scripting languages go it's quite nice - almost like the best of C and Pascal. VBScript sucks because VB sucks. The code just looks ugly; it far more verbose, and frankly much less readable than well written or even poorly written JS. I know you said you don't care about web development, but in this world that's a bad precedent to set for yourself. Just about everything today constitutes "web development" - and I find it much easier to only have to think in one language.