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Her mother, came from a small mining village in North Wales. In she married Mitchell Goodman, an American writer, and a year later they moved to America.

It seems that she valued her spiritual religious doubts and uncertainties as a way of finding a way through the maze of life. However in line with her inner development, her writing began to show the idea that nothingness and darkness were no longer things to doubt and agonize over. For example :. Why is he cruelly punished who has done nothing except be born? The twin of my birth was not so close as that man I heard say what my heart sighed with each beat, my breath silently cried in and out, in and out.

Levertov, The Stream & the Sapphire: Selected Poems on Religious Themes, 1e

After the healing, he, with his wondering newly peaceful boy, receded; no one dwells on the gratitude, the astonished joy, the swift acceptance and forgetting. During the course of her life her poems tend to shift away from constantly questioning religion to accepting it simply. And so later the content became more overtly religious as her own beliefs slowly developed from agnosticism, through constantly questioning religion to an acceptance of the Christian faith. As a developing religious consciousness began to be reflected in the poetry of Denise Levertov, I am reminded of what the philosopher James Pratt wrote.

This presence is said to be like a very happy feeling of being with another person although not actually being able to see, hear or sense that person. The whirling rides! Fragmented Adam stares. Gods hands, unseen, the whirling rides dazzle, the lights blinding him.

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Fragmented, he is not present to himself. God suffers the void that is his absence.

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No wonder we are prone to despair at the pointlessness of it all. I feel it in different degrees and not with every poem. Remain in stasis, blown sand stings your face, and anemones shrivel in rock pools no wave renews. Clean the littered beach, clear the lines of a forming poem, the waters fled inward. Dull stones again fulfill their glowing destinies, and emptiness is a cup, and holds the ocean. In her writing, to my mind, Denise Levertov, illustrates what the spiritual philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg maintained is true religious enlightenment. As a poet and political activist, Ms.

Levertov was ''a touchstone, a maintainer for our generation,'' the poet Robert Creeley, one of her first publishers in the United States, said yesterday. She always had a vivid emotional response and also a completely dedicated sense of political and social need. The poet Kenneth Rexroth once wrote that Ms. Levertov was ''the most subtly skillful poet of her generation, the most profound, the most modest, the most moving.

In the tradition established by William Carlos Williams, she wrote with a concrete immediacy of language.


She spoke directly through her poetry, favoring commonplace objects and images over large philosophical concepts. The author of more than 30 books of poetry, essays and translations, she wrote with great particularity and sensitivity about aspects of love, spiritual as well as erotic. More and more, her work conveyed her political awareness and social consciousness.

She was, as in the title of her first book of essays, ''The Poet in the World. For her, content and form were ''in a dynamic state of interaction.

A defining moment of her life was the Vietnam War. She helped found a group called the Writers' and Artists' Protest Against the War in Vietnam, she was actively involved in the anti-nuclear movement, and in she edited a volume of poetry for the War Resisters League.

ISBN 13: 9780811213547

In the same year, she published ''The Sorrow Dance,'' a book of poems whose sorrow included the war and also the death of the poet's sister. Levertov was born in Ilford, England.

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Her mother was from Wales. Her father's conversations about the family background in Hasidism and her mother's knowledge of Welsh and English folklore proved influential. Educated by her parents, she was introduced to poetry by her older sister, Olga, and was writing from an early age. In her first poem appeared in Poetry Quarterly, and, said Mr.

Rexroth, he and other poets were soon ''in excited correspondence about her'' as ''the baby of the new Romanticism. After the war she married Mitchell Goodman, an American writer, and for several years they lived in France near Mr. Creeley, who was a friend of Mr.

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In the couple moved to the United States, where Ms. Levertov studied and was influenced by such modernist poets as Williams, Wallace Stevens and Ezra Pound, and also continued her artistic relationship with Mr. Creeley, Robert Duncan and other Black Mountain poets.