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This assessment evaluates your overall knowledge on the practice of sexual health medicine. You must pass one Exit Assessment in the third year of Advanced Training. Please note that the Exit Assessment is offered only once per year. Eligible trainees will be contacted by the Education Officer regarding the Exit Assessment. This includes completing a satisfactory project. The Exit Assessment attempt limit is three attempts. You will also need to be fully current with all College training fees. Payment of the examination fee must be made by the due date in order to guarantee a place at the examination.

Trainees with outstanding training fees will not be eligible to sit the Exit Assessment unless they have made an application in writing to the Honorary Treasurer requesting special consideration. The assessment takes 1 hour in two 30 minute sessions, with testing administered by a panel of two sets of examiners. Common issues to be discussed may include:.

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These requirements ensure you have skills and knowledge in all areas considered relevant to Sexual Health Medicine practice. Throughout Advanced Training, you are expected to complete formal study in the areas listed below:. Typically, this involves completion of a tertiary subject. Most trainees complete the formal study requirements whilst studying or having studied the appropriate subjects in a higher degree program e.

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Masters of Public Health. In addition, you may wish to start the Masters of Public Health prior to enrolling as an Advanced Trainee and have this prior learning recognised through the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. The stand-alone formal study course list is a list of recommended courses which have been identified as addressing some of the formal study requirements for sexual health medicine. You are encouraged to provide suggestions of relevant courses to the Chapter to consider for inclusion on the list.

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When applying for approval of courses, you should submit the name, learning objectives, course outlines and a formal letter stating why you would like the Training Committee to consider your recommendation. The overseeing committee will determine whether the recommendation meets the Sexual Health Medicine training requirements.

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The Chapter is particularly interested in approving subjects that are available as distance or online modules as many trainees are not based in larger capital cities and cannot access face-to-face courses. Please contact the Education Officer if you wish to submit a recommendation. Learning Needs Analysis LNA assists you in identifying your learning needs, plan your learning objectives, and evaluate your progress in your practice.

One of each logbook is to be kept over the course of training, to be submitted during the final year of training:. The purpose of the logbooks is not just to list the cases seen during the program but for the trainee to reflect on the learning that has been undertaken and provide details of the learning experience. The logbooks are primarily to be used as a source for discussion with the supervisor s. Logbook cases should also demonstrate recognition of when it is appropriate to refer cases to other disciplines for other forms of treatment.

The logbooks should demonstrate adequate exposure to clinical cases. The cases should demonstrate exposure to a range of issues, diagnoses, symptoms, and clinical settings. Trainees are required to submit their logbooks during their final year of Advanced Training to be assessed by the Training Committee. This formative assessment is used to evaluate your clinical performance in real life settings.

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The mini-CEX ensures you receive timely, structured feedback on how to improve your practice in areas such as communication, history taking, physical examination and professional practice. The research project must be marked as satisfactory prior to admission to Fellowship. One satisfactory Research Project is to be submitted over the course of training, due by 15 September in year two of Advanced Training.

You should also be able to discuss the findings with respect to the existing literature in terms of:. Failure to submit the project may also result in the deferral of your approval decision for the following year of training. Part-time trainees need to contact the Education Officer to discuss the deadline for their project.

A trainee may apply for an extension to submit their project by lodging an Application for Consideration of Exceptional Circumstances to the Training Committee. It is anticipated that the majority of projects will be required to undergo ethical approval. Experience of the ethics submission process is regarded as an important part of the project. A copy of an approval letter from the ethics committee must be included in the final submission. As a general guide to the expected quality, the project should be of a standard appropriate for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

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Projects are usually expected to follow the general academic journal structure of introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. If the work is part of a collaborative effort, the exact input of the trainee and other contributors should be clearly stated in the acknowledgements section. Submissions should be accompanied by a statement of authenticity, indicating that the work is substantially that of the authors.

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References should follow the Vancouver format. See the uniform requirements for manuscripts of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Trainees are encouraged to use referencing software, such as Endnote. In common with university practice, plagiarism-detection software may be used. Because what makes us better, makes you better. Overview The Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is a destination for women requiring highly specialized care in sexual health and menopause.

Parking and Transportation Seven floors of enclosed patient and visitor parking, off-street valet parking and a patient pick-up and drop-off area located in the covered drive through. Download Parking Map. Parking Validation You can validate your ticket at the customer service desks on the first and second floors.

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Parking Lots and Entrances. Transportation There are multiple transportation options to serve you. Accessibility Northwestern Medicine is committed to providing a hospitable environment for all. We offer the following accessibility resources to accommodate your stay or visit: Accessible parking Accessible restrooms Wheelchairs Patient escorts Language interpreters Resources for the hard of hearing Service animals Learn more about our accessibility resources.

Hotels and Lodging. At the end of the program, the researchers found improvements in the women's sexual-function scores in the six domains that were assessed desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, pain, and overall satisfaction , particularly among women over age 45, who showed the greatest improvements in arousal, lubrication, and pain. Major limitations of this study were its small size and the lack of a control group. The researchers, who are based at universities in New Delhi and Mumbai, say they are recruiting women for a larger study, which will include a control group.

Evidence is still sparse, but some research suggests that other Eastern techniques, including mindfulness and acupuncture, could also help improve female sexual function. In one study, for example, acupuncture reduced pain and improved quality of life in women with vulvodynia, a painful condition of the vulva. In another, mindfulness practice reduced distress in women with sexual desire and arousal problems. Although yoga has been studied for treating sexual dysfunction in men premature ejaculation , The Journal of Sexual Medicine study may be the first to investigate its impact on sexual function in women.

If you'd like to try yoga, classes and video instruction are widely available. There are many different styles of yoga, and while many are safe, some can be strenuous and may not be appropriate for everyone.