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He will have to protect Maryse even while keeping his precious secrets from her; that is if he can resist his attraction for the brainy beauty.

Trouble in Mudbug is a very fun read, far more interesting than one might presume from the synopses. Any reader expecting to encounter a truly serious mystery novel will be sorely disappointed. However, for those individuals simply looking for a great and entertaining read, this silly novel will not disappoint them.

Rumble on the Bayou by Jana Deleon

Her life would be much happier if she could find Hank and serve him the divorce papers. The mystery is surprisingly intriguing and should prove entertaining even to fans of the mystery genre. The twist and turns, while hardly earth-shattering, manage to surprise on more than one occasion. For the most part, Trouble in Mudbug will keep readers guessing.

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It is the sort of light-hearted story that catches most readers by surprise. The first book in the Ghost-in-Law series, the cast is particularly enthralling, especially Helena, a less than pleasant individual whose character arc allows her to emerge as one of the funniest and surprisingly likable characters in the novel.

At no point in the story are they so exaggerated as to become caricatures or stereotypes.

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Sabine LeVeche was orphaned at an early age. Lucky for her, she has a sexy PI and a sassy ghost to depend on. ON the unfortunate side, a murderer is determined to put her down, possibly even before her illness can take her. Mischief in Mudbug is another fun and amusing novel from Jana DeLeon. Part cozy mystery, part contemporary romance, Mischief in Mudbug is led by Sabine, a heroine introduced during the Trouble in Mudbug story. Readers are encouraged to read Trouble in Mudbug, the first book in the Ghost-in-Law series, before proceeding with the sequel.

He demands to see the schmuck in charge and is led to Dorie's run down houseboat. It just happens to be her day off and she's tanning in her undies when he arrives.


I gave up on this book for an admittedly silly reason. It ticked me off and was insulting and I don't want to get all pissed off when reading my escape-from-reality fiction. So why am I so insanely angry? It's not the annoying and insulting "hero", nor the stereotypical secondary small-town characters, or the abrasive "I'm so tough" female officer, nor the silly unprofessional and unfunny bickering. Who the hell drives a Honda except someone with a stick up his ass? A little back-story here.

Francine / I'm On Fire

I just bought a teeny "foreign piece of shit" after driving a big American piece of shit for a decade and dumping most of my paycheck into it for the past two years and breaking down more times than I care to reflect upon not to mention the previous piece of Dodge shit that I drove before buying the Ford. Personally, I'd rather have a stick up my ass then hand over another paycheck to fix my car so I can get to work to pay for the car and the gas it takes to run the gas guzzler. It was at this point that this annoying, tedious and filled with forced humor book hit the roof of my "foreign piece of shit.

Off to find something pleasant. View all 3 comments. Apr 30, Amy rated it did not like it Shelves: cozy-mystery , needs-an-editor. I really enjoy the Miss Fortune series by this author. Unfortunately, I have not had much luck branching out. Trouble in Mudbug left me cringing and Rumble on the Bayou The book had potential. It is sort of like a gender bender Louisiana Longshot.

Instead of a female government agent in a small Louisiana town sparking up a romance with the overly qualified and good looking male deputy, it is a male government agent in a small Louisiana town sparking up a rom I really enjoy the Miss Fortune series by this author. Instead of a female government agent in a small Louisiana town sparking up a romance with the overly qualified and good looking male deputy, it is a male government agent in a small Louisiana town sparking up a romance with an overly qualified and good looking female deputy.

Even the towns come across pretty interchangeably: a sketchy bar, single cafe, and a church front and center. As for the people, a few feel like squashed together versions of Miss Fortune characters, but the same motivation and personalities emerge such as the horny old woman, the talented young woman forced to stay because of a sick mother, and man who has been in love with an unattainable girl 'since the cradle.

Alas, it lacks the charm of the other. The funny secondary side characters just aren't present. Instead, you have two people with insta-lust and sparkling attraction but little chemistry who hop in the sack whenever their adrenaline is high. I did not see the villain coming and initially thought the book might deserve another star because of that. But mainly I did not see the villain coming because the climax hits and I went, "Wait, who?

The book is also full of typos and definitely needed a better editor. Overall, a disappointment. It needed less "romance" and more humor to make it as charming as Louisiana Longshot May 28, Cheri rated it really liked it. My 1st book this author. It was hilarious! I haven't laughed so hard since the Plum series. A great mystery too boot.

Mar 04, Gail rated it it was amazing. Deputy Dorie Berenger is called out to a local home to deal with a gator in the woman's pool. Turns out the gater is stoned on heroine found in the backpack in the gator's mouth. And there beings this tale of small town Louisiana and its residents. The law is Dorie and her friend-like-a-brother Joe, two deputies who play dumb and act smart and who tolerate the eccentricities in this town they love.

He stirs up a wh Deputy Dorie Berenger is called out to a local home to deal with a gator in the woman's pool. He stirs up a whole lot of trouble This is a fun read and a mad romp.

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Wise in the way of people and the foilables, this is an affectionate treatment of small town life. It's also very funny. An enjoyable book. There was a romantic lead named Dick. It is everything that I have ever wanted in life. But really, this book was cute.

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The plot was engaging and fun and it kept me riveted. I did miss having some actual Louisiana type flavor to the book. Yes, it is set in a bayou but besides from one rather ridiculous character, there was no local energy to the book. Louisiana has its own culture that kind of permeates a lot, especially in rural areas and that was not emphasized at all.

It felt like it could be s There was a romantic lead named Dick. It felt like it could be set in any coastal town in the world. Jul 26, Anita rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , favorites , library-public. This book gives you a taste of life in an odd Louisiana town. The hero is DEA and a little on the dense side, but he gets is right in the end. My favorite mix of humor, sex and a little mystery. Aug 31, Tasula rated it liked it. Very typical and at times stereotypical plot and characters, with a bit too much romance and silly banter for me, but still decent light entertainment.

Mar 14, Kimber Li rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-by-my-author-friends.

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This was one of the first books I ever reviewed as a blogging book reviewer. Apr 14, Cheryl B rated it really liked it. Good mystery and very funny. Jun 27, S rated it really liked it. You can always count on Jana DeLeon's books being an entertaining, light-hearted read. This book was definitely fun to read. Oct 22, Emily Ever rated it it was ok Shelves: romcom , didn-t-like-it , crime , alpha-males.

This book was ok. That's really all I can say about it. The characters as set up were good, but at the end, they kind of devolved until they were acting out the preferred end of the author, not really what would really happen. The male lead had really no personality even though there was an attempt at it with his whole back story.