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I know every single face 'round here Here in the heckle, holding the shackle I was never welcome here We don't have a choice to stay We'd rather die than do it your way With our backs to the wall, the darkness will fall We never quite thought we could lose it all Ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire An empire's fall in just one day You close your eyes and the glory fades Ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire away fire! Ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire away Whoa With our backs to the wall, the darkness will fall We never quite thought we could lose it all Ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire An empire's fall in just one day You close your eyes and the glory fades Ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire away fire!

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Ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire away. Entrez le titre d'une chanson, artiste ou paroles.

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Ajouter une traduction. Claim your day trial to the Mercenary Live Feed. When attempting to cut back on personal expenses, eating out is usually one of the first things to go. The restaurant industry faced challenges from rising prices earlier in the summer, but as the economic recovery appeared to be in progress, investors were willing to give many of these stocks the benefit of the doubt.

Ready! Aim! Fire! targeting the right medical science journal.

But as the market broke down at the beginning of last week, a number of key restaurant stocks completed topping formations and broke support lines. This set up a more attractive environment for shorting stocks in the industry because sentiment is in the process of shifting, and a number of equities are trading at premium values — considering the difficult picture for consumers. On Friday, the market initially rallied after an employment report that came in above expectations.

For the month of September, the Labor Department reported an addition of k jobs — and revised the August figures from zero to a gain of 57k positions. Adding , jobs to the US economy each month, barely keeps up with the number of new entrants into the market.

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Most economists agree that we need to add between k and k to support growth and help move the unemployment rate lower. Panera Bread Co.

Last week, however, PNRA broke a key support line, and then staged a three-day bounce to set up a great short entry. On Friday, the Mercenary Live Feed took a short position in the stock as it broke back down again.

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Cloud computing has been one of the most successful growth areas of the most recent stock market rally. Cloud companies are allowing their customers to efficiently manage their IT resources and expenses — and in turn have created strong revenue growth and profit margins.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

But as the technology becomes widely accepted, the are is becoming much more competitive. Profit margins are compressing, and new entrants are capturing market share. VMWare Inc. In other contexts such as project management, the same progression might involve brainstorming ready , goal setting or gathering resources aim , and starting a project fire.

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But, what if a person got an idea ready and jumped right in to the implementation phase fire? Ready : the subconscious reaction to a situation which is initially perceived as a threat. We are on alert status.

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The Anger Mastery Cycle a free copy of which is downloadable above notes that we subconsciously scan for, and react to, perceived threats injustices, our values being ignored or challenged, our beliefs being infringed upon or our boundaries being violated, our security at risk being put at risk, etc. This scanning is both hard-wired and ancient and prepares us to go into battle. Aim : The mastery process of assessing and validating the situation to determine whether the initial perception was accurate.

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When we master our anger, we S. P the process from moving to a response from our reaction. Metaphors tend to cut through defenses because they approach an uncomfortable subject indirectly.