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The rise of Islam as a result of the Iranian Revolution of made Muslim countries a social and political force that would play an important role in current events. Theater and Globalization Increasing globalization—that is, greater international cooperation in communications and economic relations—has also allowed for a mix of high, popular, and commercial art.

Playwrights, theatrical companies, and productions have become international; collaborations among cultures include the adaptation of the Hindu text The Mahabharata by British director Peter Brook b. French-Canadian director and writer Robert Lepage b. Theater and Media Theater has incorporated film, radio, tape, and television into its staging practices to compete with these emerging media.

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International Theater Dramatists from Japan, China, India, Mexico, and Egypt have begun adapting international techniques to their own native traditions, e. Postcolonial Theater Drama in newly independent countries e. South Africa achieved independence from Britain in but the apartheid system developed to restrict political power to citizens of British and Dutch ancestry and confine black citizens to the working class and limited education. This led to works by South African writer Athol Fugard b. Postcolonial refers to the contentious social and cultural issues that plague countries that were once colonized and still have educational systems and widespread cultural influence of their colonizing countries.

Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka b.

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West Indian playwright Derek Walcott b. Canada gained legislative independence from Britain in ; playwrights from the French-speaking minority include Michel Tremblay b. The Spiderwoman Theater draws upon Native American storytelling and performance traditions. Contemporary theater, therefore, often takes place in nontraditional spaces including public squares and community centers, and is used for political campaigns in South America and AIDS education in Africa. New modes are better suited to cultures that rely more on oral communication than on the printed word to educate and reach the people.

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