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Ziga Malek. N2 - Lack of information and large uncertainties can constrain the effectiveness and acceptability of environmental models. Fuzzy-logic cognitive mapping FCM is an approach that deals with these limitations by incorporating existing knowledge and experience. It is a soft-knowledge approach for system modeling, where components of a system and their relationships are identified and semi-quantified in a participatory way. Its usefulness has been manifested through applications in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, information technology, business, and medicine.

This chapter introduces FCM as a simple, transparent, and flexible participatory method to model complex social-ecological systems based on expert and stakeholder knowledge.

It describes the evolution of FCM to environmental modeling due to its ability to facilitate public participation, data generation, and systems thinking. Numerous actors can be involved when studying environmental issues: experts, scientists, decision makers, and other stakeholders. Graduate Students Current.

Noleen Chikowore PhD. Noleen is a native Zimbabwean and a Fulbright Scholar, passionate about using participatory modelling tools in community engaged scholarship. Her current work focuses on understanding how stakeholder dynamics i. Noleen is a faculty member at the Catholic University of Zimbabwe where she has been teaching and supervising undergraduate students in areas of Human Geography and Natural Resources Management and Conservation.

She holds a B. A Hons. Laura Young MS. She is also interested in evaluating outcomes from the use of environmental decision support systems EDSS. Alison Singer PhD. Alison is interested in the role that narrative and story play in science communication and the uptake of scientific information. Payam Aminpor PhD. His professional interests focus on modeling the complex Socio-Environmental-Systems when it comes to the group decision-making process. His current researches include Knowledge Integration, collective intelligence, and modeling the group behavior and information exchange among diverse individuals via Agent-Based Modeling ABM.

Alex Metzger PhD. Alex's background in urban sustainability and resource flow analysis, sustainable forest management, and land conservation has led to his interest in stakeholder involvement with common pool resources.

Introduction to stakeholder maps

His current research focusses on analyzing the interplay among mental models, social networks, and resource management decision-making in order to understand the underlying factors that determine successful management strategies. He earned his B. He has also worked in both the government and non-profit sectors in positions related to natural resource conservation, environmental research, and land management. Graduate Students Former. Noelani Punawai PhD, Born and raised in rural Puna on Hawai'i Island, Noe is passionate about protecting our islands, and specifically the ocean or seascape.

Her work focuses on understanding the subjective meanings of the seascape and using this knowledge to inform management. Noe is now a tenure-track assistant professor of at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the Department of Hawaiian Studies. Jackie Chan-Halbrednt PhD, Jackie is interested in the individual mental models , family household , and social community implications of international agricultural development.

Her dissertation research was funded by USAID and evaluated the different human dimensions of conservation agriculture. This research has been featured in leading journals like Global Environmental Change and in development relevant publications like Mountain Research and Development. Jackie recently traded the beautiful shores of Hawaii for the bucolic yet cosmopolitan scenery of Wageningen in the Netherlands.

Molly Miller MS, A native of Massachusetts, Molly decided to take some time off from the New England winters to spend a few years in Hawaii. Angela Nyaki MS, Before joining the lab, Angela was a wildlife officer with the Tanzania National Park Service working in the Serengeti. Mary Pleasant MS, Mary's primary goal is to facilitate sustainable management of natural resources through engaging local community in conservation, and studying their effects on and interaction with the environment.

Understanding how humans interact with the natural world requires an interdisciplinary approach of both the social and natural sciences, using a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. Mary holds a B. Professionally, she has worked for the Bureau of Land Management and California State Parks in natural resource management. In addition, while at the University of Hawaii, she was both a research assistant studying ecosystem services and project coordinator for an international development project in the Philippines that provided under-served youth access to agricultural entrepreneurship training and resources.

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Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders

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Theory, Methods, and Applications

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