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A counselor works with imprisoned refugees, while outside, millions of small crabs are freely migrating across the island. The movie opens with an escape, a man scaling a fence then hurtling through the woods, a staged version of something we hear about which may not have even happened, since we learn that the authorities are being misleading on purpose.

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The final scene shows her packing up to leave the island with her family, the whole endeavor possibly a failure. Mouseover to migrate the crabs:.

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In an essential article , The Guardian says the filmmaker and counselor Poh Lin Lee are friends, that the film was made from multiple visits over four years, and that interviews conducted on the island were filmed in secret from the government. Slant :. Poh Lin uses a tableau of sand and small toy figures to help one woman process her trauma, poetically describing the grains of sand as mountains that have been reduced to their finest form, but mostly she just listens, and listens, and listens.

It comes as no surprise to subsequently learn that Poh Lin is also in therapy. We followed this one for a while, but as the filmmaker lost exclusive access to his subject, who also refused to quit or die, the director turned the movie towards himself and itself and tried to manufacture drama and stunts. The other finished doc, Always Amazing , apparently scored a David Copperfield interview. In interviews , AJ says he likes the other movie just as much, which Berman says is impossible.

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Katy suggested watching some Criterion Channel, and had never seen True Stories , one of my all-time favorite celebrations of special-ness. She liked it!

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  • Little is known about Aphex Twin or, better said, very little he let us know, but the guys at Deeper into movies managed to create a truly fascinating portrait of the artist, keeping that halo of mystery that has always surrounded his figure. Theirs seems more just the desire of sharing everything they found about him, as if it was with a group of friends. Watching the tapes of his first performances, he simply looks like a kid playing with synths in his bedroom.

    Music as form of escapism, and in his case, exploring its landscapes as in a surrealistic painting has given one of the most mind-blowing results of electronic music of the recent years. Skip to content Namastechno Music Adoration. Toggle navigation. About Blog Loved sets Instagram.

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