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In this sense, postcoloniality, whose contemporary state remains authorised by empiricism, must become postempiricist in term of re-evaluating its own relation to and reliance on history.

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The future of postcoloniality, as he proposes, would have to be the future of postempiricism. In other words, what Ismail demands from us is to understand Sri Lanka non-empirically or more precisely understand it as a "text". In my view, Sri Lanka should be understood not just as text but as a textual as well as empirical problem, a problem for liberal democracy itself.

In chapter One, he discusses the possibility of reconceptualizing the question of peace in Sri Lanka and to do that he proposes the need for re-theorising the concept of postcolonilaity from the perspective of current non-Eurocentric disciplinary moment.

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In so doing, Ismail redefines the minority perspective as a conceptual space that opens up the possibility for distinction without domination. Produced by Upali Group of Companies.

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      Premakumara De Silva, Department of Sociology University of Colombo Qadri Ismail, former journalist, now associate professor of English at the University of Minnesota, has produced a provocative work in response to the current understanding of the question of peace in Sri Lanka. The hypothesis behind this approach is that the moment democracy enters a particular historical and socio-cultural setting it becomes what Michelutti calls "vernacularized", and through vernacularisation it produces new social relations and values which in turn shape political rhetoric and political culture The process of vernacularisation of democratic politics, she means the ways in which values and practices of democracy become embedded in particular cultural and social practices, and in the process become entrenched in the consciousness of ordinary people Democratic practices associated with popular politics often base their strength and legitimacy on the principle of popular sovereignty versus the more conventional notions of liberal democracy.

      These popular forms of political participation are often accompanied by a polarisation of opinions and political practices between the so-called 'ordinary people' and the elites. Looking at democratisation processes through the prism of vernacularisation will therefore help to understand how and why democracy grounds itself in everyday life and becomes part of conceptual worlds that are often far removed from theories of liberal democracy. Chatterjee, P , The politics of the governed: considerations on political society in most of the world, Columbia University Press, New York.

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      Geetz, C , Peddlers and princes: social development and economic change in two Indonesian towns, Chicago University Press, Chicago. Seneviratne, H.

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